Auckland International Tattoo Convention
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Tattoo Booth Holders 2011.
Here is a list of confirmed Tattooers that are coming in November.
Some have been here in past Auckland International Tattoo Conventions and are our good friends still. Their pics we have not yet received. Our relationship over the years is honourable.

They Are Coming!
+ Lucky Diamond Rich. (Guinness Book Of Records=Most Tattooed Man.).
Tattooer: Mr. Lucky Tattoo.
+ Mo'o Tatau.
Tatau Practitioner: Mo’o
+ Top Notch Tattoos.
Tattooer: Dr.Notch.
+ Rogers Tattoo Art.
Tattooer: Tom(Tommy) Downs.
+ Te Rangitu Netana.
Ta Moko Practitioner
+ Sua Pita Suluape .
Tatau Practitioner: Sua Pita Suluape.
+ Sacred Tattoo.
Tattooers: Dean and Dan Sacred&The Sacred Crew.
+ The Grand Tattoo Lodge.
Tattooer: John Montgomery. .Tattoo.Lodge
+ Te Mahi Moko.
Ta Moko Practitioner: Arahi Taylor.